ghosts & trains & writing-in-residence

big news

Dear You—

I’ve got so much exciting news: as of today, I am the new Racine Writer-in-Residence from now until December 31. And my spoken word album, Self-Portrait with Ghosts and Trains, will be out tomorrow from Hello America Stereo Cassette.

You can preorder the album here (or, just straight-up order it as of tomorrow). If you’d like to hear a little bit of it prior to purchasing, a couple of the tracks also appear on Hello America’s Winter Collection (along with one other poem which is not on the album), and one of the tracks appears on the Spring Collection. I also have two brand-new tracks, unrelated to the album, on the Summer Collection. (And paid subscribers are going to receive an extra-special sneak preview later tonight, so if you wanna get in on that you might want to become a paid subscriber ASAP.)

I also made a trailer for the album, because I am a huge nerd.

As for my position as Writer-in-Residence, starting next week I will be writing weekly blog posts, which you will be able to find here. I will also be leading a couple zine-writing workshops as part of my work as WiR, so stay tuned for more info on those.

I’m really stoked on all of this. Thanks for relentlessly supporting me and my work over the years. You’re the best.