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Reckless Chants is a sort-of digital supplement to my paper zines; a cross between a blog and a newsletter; like getting a mini-zine in your inbox once a week.

All subscribers will receive a post once a week. Some of these will be updates on what I’m up to (links to recent publications, upcoming events, and the like). Others will contain excerpts from works in progress, older unpublished works, podcast episodes where I’ll share books, zines, albums, etc. I’m currently digging, and more.

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Paid tier subscribers will receive all the free posts, plus at least two more posts per month. (Hopefully more). Paid tier posts will include things like: annotations, notes, and highlights from my published works, new works before they are available to the public, videos of myself reading from my recent works, short essays on poetics/writing practice/craft, writing prompts and exercises, brand new for-subscribers-only flash CNF or fiction that will never be available elsewhere, and really, whatever else I feel like. Paid subscribers will also be able to suggest things they’d like to see me write about or post.

Plus, if you become a paid subscriber, you can feel good knowing you’re helping out an indie writer who also runs an indie press and is trying to make writing and publishing a viable, self-sustainable career.

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