updates and ch-ch-ch-changes

Dear You— I’d planned to use this platform to share not only updates but also excerpts of things I’m working on and current musings. I may go back to that format eventually, but for right now, while I’m the Racine Writer-in-Residence, it has changed. Paid subscribers will still receive excerpts from works-in-progress, previously unpublished work, and other things, but free subscribers will only receive the occasional ‘what I’m up to’ email from now until the end of December. I just don’t have time to write brand new things here, plus more new things for paid subscribers, plus my Writer-in-Residence posts, plus my other writing, plus…you get the idea. Not to mention, many of the things I was going to write about for this email list are now going to be blog posts on the Racine WiR blog.

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